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Indian Wedding Invitation Designs – A Timeless Piece !

Indian Wedding Invitation Designs |

The invites set the tone for the weddings. So, it is evident that you would want to create a card around your wedding theme. You have the choice today, to go for traditional, yet personalized invites for your wedding invitation. There are endless ways to show how creative you are. Today, you can choose the paper, the stamp, the seal, and the envelope as well, for your wedding. There are different Indian Wedding Invitation Designs in the market just for you.

Types Of Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

You can go for a variety of invites like the ones on transparent sheets. Acrylic sheets are finding favour here, as you get to minimize the use of paper. Use gold lettering on the acrylic sheet to create opulence like never before. Floral patterns are everywhere, so it makes sense to include them in your wedding invites. Moreover, flowers are used in most occasions. Pink and gold flowers on a white background and a light blue background can make your guests fall in love with you.

Apart from these, you can also go for custom illustrations. If you are an artistic genius, you can raw the artwork and hand it over to the digital illustrator. They will transform your thoughts into digital renditions. The moment your guests see the card, they will get the vibes. You can choose from so many varieties today.

Tips To Choose Your Wedding Card

While choosing and finalizing your wedding card, you should ensure that the date, place, and times are clearly mentioned and in bold. The style of these three details makes a big difference to the card’s ultimate motive. The style of the invite should be in sync with your wedding theme. Ivory, cream, black, green, red, white, and gold are a few of the colors that look good on wedding invites. So, ensure to choose one from amongst these. Just keep in mind, that the font should be in a contrasting color.

Do not crowd the card, with excess information. Insert what is necessary and leave out the rest. Trying to squeeze in too much information can make it harder for the recipient to read the information. You should plan your card at least 8-10 months beforehand. That way, you have ample time in hand to make changes, print them, and then send them. And, everyone gets notified at the correct time. These are a few tips that will see you having a successful wedding affair.


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